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Change is the engine of economic opportunity India is a country undergoing unprecedented change. Please join us in our excitement as we participate in history.

Royal Indian Raj International Corporation (RIRIC) is an Overseas Corporate Body (OCB) incorporated in Nevada with executive offices in Vancouver, New York, Bangalore and London.

RIRIC acts as a conduit for advanced technologies in those essential infrastructure categories accorded high priority status by the government of India. The company implements these leading edge technologies and products in strategic alliance with world-class international corporations.

RIRIC partners with global leaders in priority infrastructure sectors (Urban Infrastructure and Housing, Road Building and Road Recycling, Broadband Communications and IT networks, eCommerce/IT and Education Applications and Broad-cast Content and Entertainment Development). Successfully utilizing proven international corporate models, RIRIC applies these to the nascent opportunities of the newly opened Indian marketplace. Thus placing the company in a unique position to use its businesses in India in a systemic and strategic manner.

Over the past Eight Years RIRIC has been written about and celebrated as our Continuous strides to great change within the Indian Nation have been followed and documented by the Media. From being named the number one largest foreign direct investor in India, to our Chairman being recognized as one of the Top 100 most influential people of 2007.

Royal Indian Raj Invites You to do Business in India with us.

RIRIC is first among western companies recognizing the potential of the emerging economic environment in the wake of economic and structural reforms in India. The company’s senior management comprises successful international business executives who thoroughly understand all aspects of conducting business in India.

RIRIC management has diligently forged powerful international alliances and obtained strategic political connections in India. The result is that the company has extensive industry and government contacts at the highest levels including federal leaders and state ministers. These connections prove invaluable to proceeding with localized investment in the Indian market.

Our strategic alliances

Leaders In Building The New India

“Royal Indian Raj International Corporation has been named the number one leading FDI real estate developer in India” Anil K. Agarwal, President, ASSOCHAM, November 20th, 2006

RIRIC's proposed city projects, Royal Garden City - Bangalore, and the Royal Garden Marina City and Financial Harbor - Mumbai, are the first of six cities planned by the company. RGC Bangalore is a proposed 3,000 acre sub-city development situated between downtown Bangalore and the new Bangalore International Airport. The estimated multi- billion integrated Live/Work/Play development will feature over 146.36 Million Sq. Ft. of residential, commercial and industrial space to accommodate the burgeoning Bangalore market and has been planned and designed by the former Singapore Public Works Dept. The project is fifteen times the size of Canary Wharf in London, England.

RIRIC’s Royal Garden Marina City and Financial Harbor, will cover an area of 5,000 acres, and is to be situated 16 nautical miles from the Gateway of India in downtown, Mumbai. It is estimated to be Asia's largest real estate development and India's first smart city, with over 100 million square feet of high-tech retail, medical, education and housing facilities. The project comprises over 50,000 residential units, a central business district, industrial district, entertainment district, parks, restaurants, shopping, educational facilities and civic amenities. An estimated 400,000 to 600,000 people are expected to live, work and play within the city daily.

Alliances with over 40 world class companies, RIRIC will become a market leader by bringing leading edge technologies to India.

RIRIC is one of the first western companies to envision the extraordinary potential of India's emerging market,
and to actively seek out and make strategic alliances in order to capture first mover advantage to exploit such and
extraordinary opportunity. This master plan incorporates a number of synergistic interrelationships between the
individual business units and the 6 priority sectors.

Entertainment & Theme parks
Broadband communications & IT Networks
Urban infrastructure & Housing
Road building & Road recycling
eCommerce & IT Appliances

Diversify Your Global Portfolio with Royal Indian Raj International Corporation. RIRIC creates value for the country while providing outstanding investment returns.

Royal Indian Raj International Corporation is a socially responsible company committed to high standards of ethical and humanitarian dealings and profitable enterprise. Its endeavours are dedicated to the people of India whose economic destiny has arrived, to the fostering of harmonious and beneficial relations among the brotherhood of mankind, to East-West relations and to the development of goodness in God's world. - Manoj C. Benjamin, C.E.O. and Chairman